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Why Should You Partner...With a HubSpot Partner?

Posted by John Middlebrook on Dec 19, 2016 5:14:11 PM

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With a show of hands, how many of you would go to a podiatrist, when you were having chestgiphy_hands.gif pains? I know that is a harsh question but here is another one, less severe. Would you take your Ford to a Mercedes dealer? I'd hope you answered no to both as you chose a specialist because they know how to solve issues that affect you, your business or your ailment. Then, the icing on the cake, they know how to use all the tools necessary to achieve your perfect health. 

As you think about this a little more, let me pose the same question in regards to chosing a partner for a marketing platform, say like HubSpot. See where I am going here? Being a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner means we have a firm understanding of not only inbound marketing strategies, but as importantly, the software, inside and out. We know exactly what it takes to attract prospects, convert visitors, and delight customers as they move through the inbound marketing funnel, and into your bottom line.

Inbound marketing is an easy way to supercharge your company’s growth. Setting up systems that provide prospects and clients valuable content means sustainable marketing that grows as time goes on. As we started Calibrate Brands, partnering with HubSpot a no-brainer for us. We had used it for several years, with clients in a wide range of verticals but the common theme was the success we had achieved together.

With the support and resources of a brand like HubSpot at our back, we can offer more ways to generate leads than ever before. It’s exciting for us and a great value-add for our clients!

Unified, Powerful Marketing Automation Tools

HubSpot may not always alter our approach to marketing challenges, but it most certainly can simplify the implementation and optimization for some campaigns. Clients approach our agency with a wide variety of tools like Hootsuite, Survey Monkey, Constant Contact, Excel for managing CRM, Drupal for website and WordPress for blogging, to name a few. They could easlily reduce overall costs but more importantly benefit from a single source of record in HubSpot's powerful marketing, sales and CRM platform.

HubSpot’s services bundle sophisticated tools and minimize their complexity. Whether it’s workflows, lead prioritization, CRM integrations, or anything else, HubSpot’s marketing automation tools make it simple. So, if you want to launch, test, and optimize online campaigns in a fraction of the time it takes you now, then HubSpot is for you.

And the best part is that at the core of every automation tool offered by HubSpot leads back to ROI. Transparent and easy-to-understand reporting cuts to the bottom line and shows you what’s working.

Is hubspot right for you?

Wow, that is a pretty loaded question, right? Well all you need to do is ask yourself some of these questions and see:

  1. I am thinking about doing a redesign of my website and I am on a platform that's quirky, not easy to use/manage.
  2. I have a website that fails the Google Mobile Test and is not supported by mobile devices.
  3. My brand is very active on social media but other than more followers and a little interaction, we cannot show deals closed or success directly from our efforts.
  4. We could use help with our SEO initiatives, chosing keywords and optimizing our pages and content.
  5. We are worried about the upcoming Google AMP changes. If you have to Google this, you will need to worry in 2017.
  6. We do not use a CRM now with our sales team.

These are just a handful but we'd love to know how you "scored"?

Is a particular agency right for you?

Just like above, there is a list of questions you should ask yourself, your team and the agency you are ultimately thinking about working with:

  1. Are they are HubSpot Certified Partner agency? Do they maintain the current certification?
  2. Are their account managers certified in inbound methodology and do they have the HubSpot Marketing Software certificate? If not, run away.
  3. Are their developers HubSpot design certified? If they are doing any layout or template changes, they need to be. This is not WordPress or Drupal!
  4. If you are aligning with them on CRM and Sales, do they possess HubSpot Sales Software and and Inbound Sales certifications?
  5. How many clients are in their HubSpot portal. This is not a definite metric or show stopping question but one or two would worry me, five to twenty would be good.
  6. What planning and strategy exercises do they perform and how often?
  7. What do the first 90 days of the partnership look like?
  8. How do they manage client communications and collaboration?
  9. Have they ever fired a client and on what terms?

After you go through these, in no particular order, you should have a gut feeling as to whether or not this is the right relationship for your business.

We are a Hubspot VAR!

At Calibrate Brands, we are a value added reseller (VAR) for HubSpot. The partnership simply offers us a cheaper way to provide clients with marketing automation tools. For HubSpot, they get another agency that they can trust to implement and manage their tools. It’s a win-win for both sides.

For us to suggest HubSpot for your business, it has to be a good match. Marketing automation isn’t right for every business and HubSpot doesn’t always meet every business’s marketing automation needs. So before we steer you to HubSpot, we have to be confident that the investment will assist you in hitting your online sales goals.

Have questions about marketing automation? Want to learn more about why we became a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner? Interested in seeing examples of the ways HubSpot has benefited local clients in Baltimore, Washington D.C. and central Maryland? We are only a click away and we would love to talk to you. After all, we talk HubSpot everyday.


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