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Posted by John Middlebrook on May 11, 2021 6:13:36 PM

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I'd like to consider myself a very organized person, even more as a CEO and back in the day, as a Director of a large agency. With that said, I'm a nerd at heart. There are many tools in the clouds, on our computers and on our mobile devices but note-taking tools are critical for everything in my world. Evernote, a cross-platform tool, rises to the top in my toolbox for an organization.

I started using it in 2013 and at this point, I have 623 notes in Evernote, and across my devices. In many cases, Evernote is replacing 'file folders" in my home. If I get a file that is important, I scan it and add to Evernote notes, inside of a Notebook, and no longer keep hard copies of files.


Best Note Taking App - Organize Your Notes with Evernote

Below are 7 of my favorite features and reasons why you should look at using Evernote.


  1. It’s Everywhere. I have Evernote open on my MacBook all the time. I’m typing this blog post onto my iPad Pro in the Evernote app and lastly, it’s always with me since the whole catalog is on my iPhone

  2. Business or personal, it does not matter. In fact I have my Evernote divided by both and tagged appropriately

  3. Scanner Pro. Probably the most important document scanner/note tool marriage I’ve ever seen. As I try to eliminate more and more paper and paper trails, I scan nearly everything into the Scanner Pro app, then sync it to the appropriate folders in Evernote. I use it to scan so many things: Recipes, licenses, documents, dog’s rabies records, business cards, magazine articles, and so much more

  4. Note-taking, after all, that’s in its name. I never get on a call with a client or prospect without having a notebook and new note open to take notes. All of these notes get archived, tagged and organized into a particular folder (Notebook) and  are always available on all my devices

  5. Teams and Family, when I was in a large agency, we used the notebooks and notes across the entire organization and at the time, it was a huge part of our organization and communications. Since then, Slack has taken a huge role in that space, but it worked very well for us. On a similar side, it's worked well for collaboration with my wife. Several years ago we built a new home and there was so much planning to do and share. I created a notebook and all of notes within that book were shared with my wife. I would go to the store and take photos of furniture ideas, and they would be in a notebook that she could visit and collaborate with me. They always stayed in sync and made sharing important files very easy and on the cloud and every device we had

  6. Tags, when you have 623 notes, it can take some time to find what you're looking for. This is where I use the "tag" feature. I tag my clients notes by name, my personal files by "personal", and so on. I just go to the search box and start typing. Every note in my account has a tag

  7. Offline Sync, I like to fish. I go 50 miles offshore on summer weekends and after about 10 miles, all cell service is gone. It is blissful to have no communications for a half day. However, I keep the local guidelines, fish species and other files on Evernote so I don't have to have paper and notebooks files to manage with wind, blood and sweat on everything. The offline, or download, allows me to save these files on my phone and I do not require access to a network. PS, don't worry, I do have a satellite phone when offshore!

If you are using Evernote, give us a shoutout and let us know your favorite feeatures.


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