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Must-Have Tips for Surviving Inbound 2017

For anyone that attended Inbound last year, a few things that stood out as odd, and this was my 3rd conference. One, it was very late in the year, November to be exact. Historically, Inbound was held in September, like it is again this year. But due to issues with the venue, they had to settle for later in the year. Two, for the majority of the attendees that woke up on November 9th, in a predominatly blue state, it was shock to their systems to see an election upset of monumental proportions. Now not taking this into a political rant but it changed the overall emotion of the event and speakers used the outcome as a pulpit.

Jump forward almost a year, and it's time to look at 2017 and 2018 for "inbounders". 

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Benefits of the HubSpot Growth Stack

The Growing Problem of Product Creep

We’re living through a renaissance of software. For every task inside a growing company, there are dozens of tools lined up to help. Free tools from ProductHunt. Platforms to solve all our problems. From the CEO, to the marketer, to the VP of sales, we’re all trying, buying, and adding new tools to the mix.

But after a while, something starts to happen. As our list of tools grows, so does the amount of time and attention they need. The scale tips from our tools working for us, to us working for our tools. It starts as an inconvenience, but it can turn into a monster. We call it product creep.

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The Convergence of Social Media and Your Brand, How to Leverage the Power

Successful brands in today’s rapidly evolving consumer marketplace are those that harness the power of social media – and do so in real-time. It’s not an option for brands but rather table stakes. Social media is a part of our daily lives and it is a must for brands to be a part of that ecosystem. Whether you believe it or not, the rise of social has fundamentally changed marketing, advertising, and brand exposure as we know it.

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10 Must-Have Tips for Surviving Inbound 2016

For the last few years, thousands of marketers flock northeast to Boston in the fall for the much-anticipated Inbound conference from HubSpot. Like heading to see the Red Sox in the post season (when they make it), Inbound 2016 fills most of the hotels in the city and the suburbs for the week.

Surviving this massive venue and nearly 15,000 of your closest friends, rookies and veterans alike will need some tips to make it out alive.

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How to Become a Brand Marketer Thought Leader

Here are four steps to consider if you want people care about your perspective

 What do you call the content brands produce that shares information from a unique point of view, but is not specifically about their products or services? We call it brand marketer thought leadership but whatever you call it, showcasing expertise and positioning yourself ahead of the competition is an essential strategy for any brand marketer.

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How to Manage Your Brand Through a Crisis and Not Be a Clown

With the creepy-clown hysteria and multiple reports of sightings sweeping across the nation, McDonald’s has decided to hide its famous mascot, Ronald. The company said Tuesday that it’s “mindful” of the clown sightings and its paring back Ronald McDonald’s public appearance as a result. Ronald McDonald, with his clown-like painted face, red wig, and yellow and red-stripped jumpsuit, has long been the face of McDonald’s and the ambassador of its brand. Day after day since the first sighting in August, all clowns have been getting a bum rap. So much so that a “Clown Lives Matter” march is scheduled for 6:30 pm in Tucson, Arizona, October 15th. It may take weeks and possibly months before the chaos will begin to settle.

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5 Questions to Ask If Your Company Will Profit from a Rebrand or Refresh

It’s not about a new logo; it’s about connecting what your brand stands for to your consumers and how they experience it.

A rebrand doesn’t focus on what a company offers but instead what your target audiences both current and prospective customers, who actually own your brand, expect, feel, and want.

How can you tell that it may be time for a rebrand?

  • If you find yourself frequently spending time explaining what exactly your brand does
  • If you can’t differentiate your brand in a crowded market
  • If your brand is losing appeal to your target audience and doesn’t have the ability to attract new audiences
  • If you don’t have a plan to consistently evolve your brand to reach new audiences and expand your brand’s exposure
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