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The Convergence of Social Media and Your Brand, How to Leverage the Power

Posted by Ray Bularz on Oct 19, 2016 10:47:36 AM

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Successful brands in today’s rapidly evolving consumer marketplace are those that harness the power of social media – and do so in real-time. It’s not an option for brands but rather table stakes. Social media is a part of our daily lives and it is a must for brands to be a part of that ecosystem. Whether you believe it or not, the rise of social has fundamentally changed marketing, advertising, and brand exposure as we know it.


Being a part of the social media ecosystem doesn’t necessarily translate to or guarantee success for a brand. If your idea of joining the social media bandwagon is just posting a blog, tweeting a tweet, or pinning a pin then please continue to read this post. Doing those things will give a brand a “presence” on social media but ask yourself this question; what good comes from all that posting, tweeting, and pinning if you don’t actually understand how to extract value from those efforts?


Post, pin, tweet, and hope for the best is not a plan

Having a social media presence for a brand takes a lot of time, effort, and resources so why not493301_1280x720.jpg have a plan and utilize all the data and tools your have at your fingertips to help understand how these channels bring value and a deeper connection between your brand and its consumers? When social media was the new shiny object, every marketer experimented with it to see how it could be used to increase awareness, spark engagement, and ultimately build your brand’s community.

Social media was originally thought of as a place where every brand could engage, like never before, directly with their consumers, and that information would be shared organically and not broadcasted out. It was the feeling that we all would be friends: you, your brand, and your consumers.

After over a decade of social media, some brands have still not grasped the potential of social media and the power it offers.

There is no excuse for your social media marketing effort to fall short any longer


It is imperative for your brand that you resolve to do a better job at understanding how your social media efforts are affecting the overall value of your brand. You need to make social media work harder for your brand over the long haul and it can be accomplished by empowering your social media team to be more accountable to results and take responsibility with the following understanding of what social media is and how to use it effectively.

Remember what social media can do for your brand and procure a plan.

Here are a few thoughts to consider when thinking about how to plan and harness the power of social media while extracting your brand’s value.

  • Social media is a powerful business tool.
    • It is a more organic and fluid way to overcome real business challenges and allows your brand to drive better service, sales, and loyalty.
    • It is not a place to simply drive “likes”
  • Social media is a two-way street of dialogue between your brand and its consumers.
    • It will connect and respond quickly with my consumers and create a real, deep relationship.
    • I will not just shout at my consumers or ignore their concerns. Sadly only 2% of brands respond to their consumer’s social comments and questions.

  • Social media isn’t a post, tweet, pin, and then hope for the best marketing channel
    • You must use data and make content more compelling to pique my brand’s consumer’s interest, offer value, create engagement, spur action, and ultimately generate brand ambassadors.
    • You shouldn't post content for content sake and hope it connects to my consumers

  • Social media is an opportunity to connect with your customers and own the relationship.
    • Your customer is the heart and soul of your brand and business and a very valuable asset.
    • You cannot  leave it in the hands of people who are not knowledgeable, more invested, and more empowered to act.
    • You have to understand that every interaction is not just an opportunity to answer questions or solve problems but is a way to build trust in my brand from my consumers that will lead to long-term advocacy and loyalty.

  • Social media is a great way to focus on empowering your brand to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
    • You must identify ways to be more efficient by finding tools that raise the productivity of my social media team and track metrics that prove that generating great content and consumer interaction will increase the value of my brand.

Social media marketing should work hard for your brand and ultimately continue to bring value to your consumer. It should help transform your brand and create a better relationship with customers which in turn will ultimately and if done correctly positively affect your bottom line.


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