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5 Questions to Ask If Your Company Will Profit from a Rebrand or Refresh

It’s not about a new logo; it’s about connecting what your brand stands for to your consumers and how they experience it.

A rebrand doesn’t focus on what a company offers but instead what your target audiences both current and prospective customers, who actually own your brand, expect, feel, and want.

How can you tell that it may be time for a rebrand?

  • If you find yourself frequently spending time explaining what exactly your brand does
  • If you can’t differentiate your brand in a crowded market
  • If your brand is losing appeal to your target audience and doesn’t have the ability to attract new audiences
  • If you don’t have a plan to consistently evolve your brand to reach new audiences and expand your brand’s exposure
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5 Tips to Creating a Performance Driven Website in Just a Few Weeks

Welcome to our new Site! Ugh, this is something we cannot stand seeing on a blog post or title. It's so cliche but most brands post it and feel it's necessary to tell you what they did and how to use their site. Well here we used it too but the reasoning was to bring attention to the way that we approach web site design.

The site that this blog is on was built in a short 4 weeks, part time and at night only. We call this a "launch pad" web site and the whole point was to get something live in a short timeframe. Don't wait until the perfect site is built, in what typically is a 3-4 month timeframe. Start small and then make changes every week/month. Here are some quick tips on what this methodology is all about:

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Successful Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

With all of the social media platforms and “noise” online, it is hard to find which to focus on. Businesses need have a presence in most of the social platforms but it is important to figure out which platforms perform the best for yours.

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