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HubSpot Announces New Features for 2017

Posted by John Middlebrook on Nov 10, 2016 8:52:02 AM

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Every year for the last four years I've attended the Inbound Conference in Boston. The most exciting part of this massive conference (16,000 here now) is the product team unveiling their long list of great new features for their clients to use within and outside their HubSpot portals.

The long list of features can be overwhelming but I wanted to let you know which I think could really benefit Calibrate Brands and your staff.

  • Visual Workflows, The new visual workflow builder makes the top-rated Marketing Automation solution even easier to use. Within the new visual editor, you can easily see a holistic view of your entire workflow, or zoom-in to optimize individual branches.

  • New Content and Strategy Tool, Grow your reach by adopting a content strategy that attracts visitors. With HubSpot's Content Strategy tool you can explore and validate what topics to write about before you write a single word. This is really cool but not released to the public quite yet. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as it's available.

  • Projects, I know that some of our clients are already using this and I have been for some time. The new productivity tool is transforming how teams work, learn and collaborate inside of HubSpot. Projects rallies your team around a shared set of tasks, and guides you through the execution of any inbound tactic with pre-built Project Templates. This is one you should use today!

  • A Unified Mobile App, For any of you nerds like me, I had three, yes three HubSpot appsDigest-wrapped-1.png to manage my and my client's portal while on the road. With the new unified app, you've got the entire power of Marketing, Sales, and CRM at your fingertips so you'll never lose sight of a customer, deal, or campaign. It's available right now on the Apple App store and Android coming in 2017.

  • HubSpot Messages, This may be the coolest one so far. Visitors are impatient, they want answers and to speak to someone right away. Imagine your home page and a "live chat" option that is totally integrated with HubSpot! In this new feature, the conversation goes on live between your prospects or customers and is totally integrated and tracked within your contact records. 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator, If you are using this product from LinkedIn (which you should) to prospect and find out more about people and other companies, this is now available to be integrated directly into your HubSpot account. This will be available in 2017.

  • Facebook Ads Integration, If I can give you one huge piece of ad spend advice for 2017, you MUST be selling in Facebook Ads. Now you can integrate your Facebook Ads portal directly into HubSpot. This will give you very detailed integration between a view or click on an ad on Facebook and how that visitor interacts with your contact records in HubSpot. That is not connected now but in 2017, you'll see exactly how that visitor becomes a lead or even better, a new customer.

    Nerd Alert, Getting a Little technical Now

  • Google Amp Integration, Google has been hinting for some time now about how important it will be for marketers to begin using the new Google Accelerated Mobile Pages code on all content. This additional code will be crucial in future Google rankings and you have to "play to play", meaning using this code will boost your ranking. HubSpot will begin adding this code to all of your new content starting in Q1 of 2017.

  • HubDB, Power your product listings, team resources, events, and website with HubDB. Connect your website to your entire funnel and drive growth from visitors to customers.

  • Multiple Language Content ManagementUsing Multi-Language Content Management you can easily create, manage, and optimize any multilingual pages. Integrate with any supported TMS to easily translate content.

If you or your staff would like to know more about these we'd love to talk.

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