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5 Tips to Creating a Performance Driven Website in Just a Few Weeks

Posted by John Middlebrook on Oct 4, 2016 7:09:25 AM

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Welcome to our new Site! Ugh, this is something we cannot stand seeing on a blog post or title. It's so cliche but most brands post it and feel it's necessary to tell you what they did and how to use their site. Well here we used it too but the reasoning was to bring attention to the way that we approach web site design.

The site that this blog is on was built in a short 4 weeks, part time and at night only. We call this a "launch pad" web site and the whole point was to get something live in a short timeframe. Don't wait until the perfect site is built, in what typically is a 3-4 month timeframe. Start small and then make changes every week/month. Here are some quick tips on what this methodology is all about:



  • Choose a Theme, there are hundreds of great themes available online. Google them but you DO NOT need to start from scratch. Take the foundation of someone else's work and add your little touches to it.
  • DO NOT be afraid, It Will Not Be Perfect, and don't worry. Nothing ever is! When we were building this site we got stuck on the pricing page for almost a week. The answer was simple, remove it, work on it later and then add it to the main navigation when ready. We know our prices but should present them well, when the page is ready. But we just need some time to figure out how to convey the message.
  • Do Not Over-Analyze, this is not always a pretty process but it works and you have to be willing to embrace a new way of approaching web design.
  • Create "Bite Sized" Pieces, build the site in "batches". Have your designer start with three pages, hand-off to client for review, then start three more pages, so-on and so-forth.
  • Create a Plan, don't go crazy and plan out the year, start small. Start with Post-It notes on every task that you feel you have to have in "v2" of your site. Then, take each of those tasks and prioritize which of them will drive the most value for your prospective customers, thus your sales. Each month you should have a list of tasks and then also leave a small list for those that you did not forsee and leave time for them too.

Our experts are happy to explain to you how this will benefit your business. Click the button below and get started to your new site in just a few weeks!


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