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John is a managing partner at Calibrate Brands, a creative, branding, marketing and web design agency. Previously John headed up technology and marketing services at a Baltimore agency as the Director of Client Services, working and refining the agency’s customer experience, consulting with customers on key initiatives and strategies, and assisting in expanding key technology partnerships. In his technology role he was responsible for the development of technical plans and implementation of eCommerce and B2B sites on platforms such as Magento, Bigcommerce, HubSpot COS and WordPress, to name a few. Living and breathing HubSpot, John helps with implementing the latest web techniques to help increase revenues for his clients nationwide. He holds current certifications in HubSpot, HubSpot Design, HubSpot Sales Software, Inbound Marketing and in the Growth Driven Design methodology
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How We Landed our Client a $1/2 Million Dollar Deal

I have been drinking all of the Inbound koolaid for several years now, 4 to be exact. During that entire time I have read, studied, and taken certification after certification about how to effectively build Inbound nirvana for our brand but our clients as well. We build, implement and test campaign after campaign, always looking for areas to improve and win.

Recently while reviewing deals closed by one of our clients I came across a contact timeline of a deal that recently closed and found it very intriguing. This deal was marked "closed/won" in our client's CRM and was for a whopping $567,000! How did we do it? After looking back at the details, the customer literally followed every single step of the Inbound process we had put into place and we won.

In this post I will walk you through the timeline of the contact record, what we did and what they did to get this huge deal so that you can do the same, and believe in this methodology.

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Review of the iPhone 8Plus

As an ardent supporter of everything iPhone, I felt it was only right to post my thoughts on the short time I have had the iPhone 8 Plus. The reason I feel like this for the launch of this phone and not it's predecessors is that this phone launch actually brings us three choices, not just one or two.

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5 reasons why working with a small marketing company may be better

I've been around the block a few times. Well, I mean I've been a marketer for many years, even before you even heard the name Google or Facebook. I may be dating myself a bit but I'm also telling you, I've seen a lot. I've been on the client side, in fact I was there for nearly ten years. Then I was an independent consultant for nearly two years. Next it was time to try out a big agency, nearly 40 employees at the time. Lastly, I have settled comfortably where I am today, a small business that has one goal, helping other small to medium businesses like Calibrate Brands.

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Must-Have Tips for Surviving Inbound 2017

For anyone that attended Inbound last year, a few things that stood out as odd, and this was my 3rd conference. One, it was very late in the year, November to be exact. Historically, Inbound was held in September, like it is again this year. But due to issues with the venue, they had to settle for later in the year. Two, for the majority of the attendees that woke up on November 9th, in a predominatly blue state, it was shock to their systems to see an election upset of monumental proportions. Now not taking this into a political rant but it changed the overall emotion of the event and speakers used the outcome as a pulpit.

Jump forward almost a year, and it's time to look at 2017 and 2018 for "inbounders". 

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Case Study - A story of Sales, Marketing, and COS Success

Executive Summary

Signals Defense, LLC was founded in Owings Mills, MD in 1999 with the introduction of an innovative optically clear window film technology that provides high RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (Infrared) attenuation for RF Shielding and Thermal Imaging defense purposes. Signals Defense patented window technology has been engineered to meet stringent U.S. Intelligence Community security requirements for facilities handling classified information. Over the nearly two decades of being in business, they have expanded their product offering to rFoils, safety and decorative films, window treatments, ballistic glass and other building shielding products for both government and commercial customers.

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Repost - The state of Inbound 2017

Let's face it, HubSpot owns the term "Inbound". That's why it makes total sense for them to research and produce the latest data on what online marketers are reporting on the marketing challenges and wins.

Click read more for nuggets from that report:

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Benefits of the HubSpot Growth Stack

The Growing Problem of Product Creep

We’re living through a renaissance of software. For every task inside a growing company, there are dozens of tools lined up to help. Free tools from ProductHunt. Platforms to solve all our problems. From the CEO, to the marketer, to the VP of sales, we’re all trying, buying, and adding new tools to the mix.

But after a while, something starts to happen. As our list of tools grows, so does the amount of time and attention they need. The scale tips from our tools working for us, to us working for our tools. It starts as an inconvenience, but it can turn into a monster. We call it product creep.

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Top 11 tips to optimize Google Search Console

In my years of working with clients and and helping them with their SEO strategy, I am shocked how often that they miss out on the the power of the Google Search Console, or what, in my days, was called Google Webmaster Tools.

First of all, how do you find it? Personally for me I Google "Google Search Console" and the first
result is the correct URL. You can get to it by going through your Google portal but I find it difficult to find and the former is quicker for me.

Now on the tool, think of this as the rules in the playground. If you want to get along with everyone there, you need to abide by their rules. Within the console, Google will give you deep insight into how it's BOTS see (or don't see) your site. If you read every tab and follow their tips, you will increase your ability to rise to the top of the SERP, with little to no extra work.

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Moving to HubSpot COS with Migrations Team

I've been marketing and Internet technology for many years now and my teams have completed more web migrations than I'd care to count. Some went perfect and had very little issues but some...well not so much. Recently I had the opportunity to go through a migration from WordPress to HubSpot's COS (Content Optimization System) and it was by far the easiest and least painful in my nearly 15 years of migrations.

I learned a lot with their process and I'd love to share it with you.

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Are You Using HubSpot's Most Important Features? Updated April 2018

9 Tips on the Most Under Utilized Tools in HubSpot

As part of our services, we audit HubSpot portals for potential customers several times per month and in most cases, there is a distinct pattern of areas where businesses are not getting the most out of this powerful marketing automation software. In many cases they are paying anywhere from $200-$2000/month and they are spending that kind of money, but watching leads slip by.

In this blog we touch on the top 8 areas in which we see the most under-utilization of their robust tools and we tell you how to get more from them.

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