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5 Reasons to Get on HubSpot Free Today

Posted by John Middlebrook on Nov 11, 2016 10:07:11 AM

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HubSpot's VP of Product, Christopher O'Donnell just announced to the world the new and improved features of the HubSpot platform and I'd really like to dig into one of them right away.

HubSpot has made it a habit for giving away their software for many years but they just announced one of the biggest for marketers and if you are online and can cut and paste JavaScript, then you need to do this today.

The HubSpot Sales and CRM tools have been free for over a year but adding marketing to the suite was a great move.

So here is my list of the top 5 reasons why you should setup an account today:


1) FREE 

That often gets your attention. Free is not always what it sounds like but in the day of immediacy, we all want instant gratification and brands know that. They need to give you a taste so you can see the long-term gains of their software or services. The free service does not give you anywhere near the services of a Basic, Pro or Enterprise but you will start to see the value as soon as you install the tracking code on your site.


2) Visitor Intelligence

What is that you ask? Once a user interacts with your site they are handed a cookie (not an HubSpot contact recordedible one that is) and that is where the fun begins. We all know that B2B visitors do not always buy on the first visit to your site, actually only 2% of them do. This intelligence will start to tell you when, whom and how they interact and this helps you as a marketer know what is needed to push them further into your sales funnel. You'll even know their company name, job title and social media information for seven days on the Free platform. You can get similar information from Google Analytics but this actually tells you more about the actual visitor.

3) contact database

Normally you have to pay third party systems to capture visitor data but on HubSpot that data is captured in a database that is stored forever. Each record, email, social and all of the foundational tools you will need to start. As you and your brand mature and use HubSpot more, you will have the ability to add more and more to a contact record over time.


4) Automation

Too many marketers work to hard on their site, without letting the site, or software, work for them. In HubSpot Marketing Free, the visitor interacts with your site or lead forms, you capture their data and then add them to workflows that send automated emails and then even more follow up, based upon their interaction with that email. Make the system work for you and churn your leads into taking real action by becoming a customer.


5) It Works on Nearly All Platforms

Whether you are on WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento or using Google Tag Manager, you can install the simple JavaScript in just minutes. For a full list of platforms and more detailed instructions you can see more.

HubSpot is just a software platform and nothing more. It is, however, the the foundation for a solid Inbound Marketing strategy for ALL marketers. We have been using it for over four years and have seen the power it has and the success marketers have seen with it, over and over.

Now it's your turn to see for yourself.

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